The Lord's Church - "I Baptize you by Blazing Fire"

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." (Acts 1:8)


Welcome to The Lord's Church! Pastor Yong Doo Kim, the writer of the book "Baptize by Blazing Fire" is in charge of this church. 

The Lord's Church aims at exalting our Lord, the head of the Church and following the way He has shown us.

We have a Worship Service every night 9:30 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. next day, giving praises and thanks to the living God, and praying to him with divine power to demolish strongholds.

Anyone hoping to join our worship service is welcome.

Urgent Prayer Request

The Lord’s Church (S. Korea) has to move soon! The building owner at this current church location gave us an urgent notice to move out as soon as possible until the end of April 2019. We already used two years' extensions. Please pray for us (our church and Holy Fire Ministry) to move well into a wonderful place that the Lord provided. If you can help us financially, please send to our bank account below.

A building photos below is very nicely built and close to our current location. The whole building is empty now and waiting for the new owner. We pray this building to be our new church building. Recently the purchase price dropped down to 20 million dollars. Our donations have gathered only 1 percent so far. We need the Lord's miracle and finances. As well as your strong intercessory and donations. We receive any amount whether a small alabaster jar or a BIG alabaster jar.

"Lord! Where should we go…? 

  We desperately need a miracle!"

(Written by  Pastor Yongdoo Kim)  

A miracle has to now happen to our church and it is time for a miracle that must happen. You and I have been moving forward without resting or ceasing as we only have looked ahead. Although, I have personally experienced much suffering and hardship, because of all the saints from the inside and outside of Korea had fervently prayed, concerned, and supported, all things were possible.

I am writing a few words regarding the relocation of our church building/temple with a regrettable heart. I have never demanded any materials or money for a church building project and for any other reasons to anybody from outside the church who had come to be blessed and touched by the Holy Blazing Fire. I have never demanded any of the above concerns to the members of the Lord’s Church as well. I have lightly joked a few times before but in a mischievous way. I was not serious. But even when I joked, I instantly corrected and said it was a joke in case someone may have been offended.

I have publicly announced to support the global missionary work and the orphanage in Africa. I have always allowed people to voluntarily offer their giving when it came to the work of the Lord. Each time I had announced requesting support, it was always with tears, physical, and material support from the members outside and inside of South Korea.

It was possible for us to support the global missionary work and the orphanage in Africa when we were able to afford it. But since we have completely sold ourselves out with only the global missionary work pouring out all of our passion which includes finances to the countless number of missionaries and missionary work abroad and instead of pouring our passion and finances to our own church building, we are now facing an actual impending problem of relocation for our church.

Although the church has experienced revival a little bit outwardly, financially, we have always struggled. I have been using my personal credit cards to pay another credit cards to float our debts.

I have always prayed to the Lord for a one shot.

“Five billion dollars! 3,558,317.5 Sq Ft!!!”........

But, when will it come to pass? After I had prayed for a very long time, and as we dragged with prayer for a long time, we have encountered such a difficult situation. We have two months left and still we have no place to go. We must absolutely move out of our current church building in two months.

Here is the emergency measure. It seems like there is no other way but this emergency measure. Let all the members of the Blazing Holy Fire participate as we become one heart regarding the new church building and relocation. The Lord’s church is no longer the church which only exists just for ourselves. The Lord’s Church is the church that is open for everyone. And the Lord’s Church will always be open for everyone in the future as well. This is also the will of the Lord.

Regarding the church buildings within the Korean churches In South Korea are many side effects, corruption, and difficulties. This is also the most sensitive matter. Some church members have become bankrupt after being a debt guarantor for their churches. Even if they finish building their church buildings, they could not handle the mortgages. Their church buildings were auctioned off and bought by cult groups. This is a reality. The members of such churches have been scattered.

The majority of our church members in Korea are in financial difficulties. They have endured their difficulties until now only with their fervent faith. I have made up my mind and have determined repeatedly that I will not put loads of burden on my church members with finances. But now, I cannot avoid this matter and I feel

Many medium and mega size church pastors who have built their own church buildings, and many who carry out the Holy Spirit ministry with holy gifts are experts in forcibly gathering money from their people. They then become rich themselves. Church members have become victims. Since such things frequently occur, there are many negative side effects that occur as well. In reality, church members get offended, hurt, scarred, and placed into poverty oppressed by debt.

At our church, we only take offering twice a week, Friday and Sundays. Only recently, for the first time, we have been taking offering unto God on Wednesday which was yesterday. Even to have a Wednesday offering time, I had to put much effort to explain as I carefully observed the people. Today during the afternoon time, the Lord had signaled another sign to me.

“When you come to Me/My temple, do not come empty handed. Whether large or small, you must give offering!”

To some bold servants of God, this type of statement is not difficult to proclaim. In fact, they proclaim it strongly. But for us, especially for me, this type of statement is very burdensome.

On our first offering time for a Wednesday, we gave offering to the Lord. Even though it was midweek, about $2,000 dollar came in. When I checked the church building project bank account, even though it was just opened, over $4,000 dollars had come in. This offering is offered with people’s sweat and blood.

Besides the tithing and thanksgiving offering, all types of offerings come in during the weekdays and all the money that will come into our church building project account will be used for our new church building. This was possible because of the offerings that was offered with tears by the Lord’s Church members and by the visitors from the outside. The Lord spoke to me,

“Do you want a miracle to happen?...In order for a miracle to happen, someone needs to break their alabaster jar.”

Saints! We are about to taste the new miracle! I want to tell you that it is not necessary for you to take out money from your lease/rent deposit. You do not need too. But, what we will do is that from now on and forward, we will put the utmost effort on daily worship/church service and give offerings to God with all our strength and with our whole hearts.

Such offerings will be used for the church building project and relocation of the church temple. Sunday offerings will be used for church affairs, church snack, Sunday dinner, church equipments, and expenses for church maintenance. It will be a minimum expenditure on the above stated areas.

In addition, all church departments will carry out their ministry adjusting to the church move and church building project. Previously, I had built my home through a bank loan. I am asking you to pray that I can sell my home as soon as possible with the maximum price so that I will be able to offer the Lord with a specific amount for the new church building.

The time and date of moving out is imminent, therefore, we do not have enough time and the day is now close at hand. Everyone is welcomed to participate in giving an offering to God without force but with volunteering hearts. If you dedicate in such a way with joy, God will pay you back with a miracle. I will try not to decrease the missions money. But since the matter of relocation of our church is so urgent, unless there is an urgent issue, I will try to reduce the mission money to by half.

P.S: If it is possible, I am trying not to move too far from our church location as much as possible. A nearby cross road, from the McDonald diagonal direction, the land used for gas station that has size about 17791.6 sq feet is for sale.
The price of the land is $440,965.00 dollars. The building cost will be about $440,965.00 to $8,819,300.00 dollar. It will cost billions of won (Korean currency) to cover separate interior costs. We will be able to build up to five floors including three stories of basements. The whole area will be about 71,166.35 sq feet. If we have this amount in budget, we will be able to move to anywhere around here. At least, we need to secure at least 120 percent of prepared budget before we start moving. Therefore, all together, about 17,638,600.00 dollar will be our budget.

Please, I ask you for special/extraordinary prayer!!!

(Translated by Pastor Yoojin Kim)


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